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· Pianist · Accompanist · Arranger ·


“Lin’s technical capabilities are of a high order...his performance convincingly clear.” – John Howard, The Arts Magazine.  “He displayed jaw-dropping virtuosity, and played with the consummate grace of a poet.” – The Flying Inkpot.


     Albert Lin’s rousing success at his debut recital at the Victoria Concert Hall, under the auspices of the National Arts Council, has earned him praise and recognition for his technical prowess and interpretive sensitivity.  His ingenuity in the programming, which included the first public performance in Singapore of US composer Lowell Liebermann’s Gargoyles, was hailed as “a valiant enterprise.”

     Since being introduced to the instrument at the age of three, he has concretized widely and often receives high accolades for his performances.  While under the tutelage of Ong Lip Tat, he was heard by Ruth Slenczynska and impressed her with his technical maturity.  In 1995, he was awarded the 3rd prize at the National Music Competition Piano (Open) category.  That same year, he was the youngest undergraduate accepted into the Peabody Institute of Music in the U.S.A., rejecting a scholarship from the Eastman School of Music to study with Marian Hahn at Peabody.

     At the institute, Lin was actively involved with chamber ensembles, and established himself as a committed collaborative pianist.  Being a highly sought-after accompanist for his ability to sight-read difficult music, he also performed and traveled with all the major ensembles.  In 1996, he toured New York and Baltimore with Grammy-Award-winning percussionist, Jonathan Haas, giving the premieres of works by Robert Miller and Peter Schickele (of P.D.Q. Bach fame.)  As the only undergraduate student of Maestro Frederyk Prausnitz, he helped found the conducting consortium at Peabody.

     From 1997-1999, he studied with esteemed pedagogue Arthur Greene at the University of Michigan.  While he thrived under the guidance of Professor Greene and garnered an impressive repertoire of the piano literature, he never neglected his passion for chamber music, having been coached by Anton Nel and Martin Katz.  He was invited to hold recitals in the halls of California, New York, and Michigan.  He has also appeared as guest soloist with the Rochdale Youth Orchestra and UWS Symphony Orchestra in Brooklyn, New York, performing the Rachmaninoff Piano Concertii No. 2 and 3 within 6 days.  In 1999, he placed as a semi-finalist at the California International Young Artists Competition in Escondido, San Diego.

     He has worked with renowned musicians such as Juanelva Rose, Harland Parker, Alessandro Mascolo-Davids, Peter Langrand, Mihaly Virizlay, Su-Chen Chen, and the Peabody Trio.


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